Business brochure

Business brochure

Through clever and effective use of infographics, we turned complex corporate data into a stunning business brochure, providing DAI with an effective and engaging marketing tool.


Our personal and professional lives are inundated with information, so it’s more challenging than ever to capture the attention of savvy and busy audiences. Studies reveal that most people only remember 20% of what they read, whereas 90% of information processed is visual: the human brain craves images over words. This is why infographics are a very effective tool when you need to communicate a complex message quickly.


DAI, market leaders in business critical software systems in Supply Chain and Logistics, asked us to produce a business brochure that would showcase their services and expertise to both internal and external audiences. The design had to make an impact on DAI’s wide range of blue chip clients, and also their hundreds of employees across three sites in the UK, and in one in Switzerland.


We created a brochure that tells an engaging story from the outset, always taking account of the varied audiences the piece targets. We also designed it with different platforms in mind: trade magazines, and DAI offices.Business brochureBusiness brochure

The brochure includes 5 infographics in total. The master infographic is a 4-quadrant design, where content is divided into Geography, Products, Scale and Customers. Those 4 sections are also available in standalone format, making the business brochure a very flexible marketing piece.business brochure

Within the infographics, information is categorised thanks to a variety of graphic devices, and different font colours and styles. Illustrations help visualise the different stages of the supply chain.business brochure

We developed the main design element – a hexagonal shape – into a pattern that signifies the idea of structured teamwork in manufacturing, and helps thread the story.business brochure

The brochure – and the infographics within it – has received great feedback as an effective marketing tool, and also because it helps present our client as committed to innovation and engaging audiences.


For over 25 years, we have delivered beautiful and effective brochure design to help clients of all shapes and sizes reach audiences in memorable ways. Click here to find out more.

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