Impact infographic

With this impact infographic we helped Brightlife tell an engaging story of their achievements over the past five years.


Brightlife was born to support older people out of situations of loneliness and social isolation, and to help them enjoy more active, connected, and overall fulfilling lives. Formed back in 2015 by a group of organisations from across the public and third sectors in the area, and led by Age UK Cheshire, Brightlife was the regional delivery partner for the National Lottery Community Fund’s Fulfilling Lives: Ageing Better programme.

Over five years, our client commissioned, delivered and evaluated a whole host of initiatives to support more than 3000 older people in the area.


With the project coming to an end, Brightlife asked us to help them demonstrate the benefits the project had on the community. This was to be in the form of a legacy report and an impact infographic which would be included within the end of project report, and would also be used as a standalone piece of communication.


To allow readers to focus on the information, we kept the design of the impact infographic simple and pared down. We kept use of colour to a minimum, but maximised it to help break up content within the infographic.

Impact infographicImpact infographic

The infographic design tells the Brightlife story in a way that is easy to absorb, with boxes and icons helping readers navigate content in the different sections for maximum understanding.

We included the impact infographic in the last page of the legacy report, and also produced it as a double-sided standalone insert, with an engaging personal story on the back to support the facts and figures on the infographic overleaf.

Impact infographic


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