Interactive infographic design

160 years in business is cause for celebration. Proud of their past and excited for their future, our client asked us to help them commemorate their achievements to date. We produced an interactive infographic design that navigated through key points in the company’s long history, and profiled an encouraging future.

We had already worked with the Shipowners’ Club on the design and development of their website, so we were familiar with the vast amount of information we had to work with. Our client, one of only 13 to insure over 90% of the world’s ocean-going tonnage, has a varied and loyal client base all over the world. The infographic design was commissioned as a special responsive presentation feature to engage users on the Shipowners’ website, and also as part of an e-shot campaign that added to the celebrations.

Applying fullpage.js functionality allowed us to incorporate full-screen multi-directional scrolling, in keeping with a timeline design, and added a sense of fun, movement and journey customisation to the infographic design. Users can navigate through our client’s history using their mouse or keyboard. The dynamic feature is broken down into easy to digest sections, with historic achievements highlighted by images from the Shipowners’ archive. Graphic devices inspired by nautical elements help the viewer plot their journey, seamless thanks to the fully responsive design.