Electricity North West

Financial report design

financial report design

Our creative strategy of logical structure mixed with fresh and engaging visuals delivered a financial report design that successfully communicates the company’s achievements.


The work carried out by Electricity North West is vital to the communities it serves. The company owns, runs and maintains the region’s electricity network, connecting over 2 million properties and 5 million people to the UK’s National Grid. The company is committed to shaping the future of electricity supply, something they demonstrate through regular communications with customers and shareholders.


We had previously worked with our client on a fresh and engaging annual report. This time they asked us to produce a more corporate design, in line with their recently updated brand guidelines. The report still had to make a significant impact on the audience by communicating the company’s achievements in an appealing and memorable way.financial report design


To add movement and energy from the start, we produced a graphic device for the front cover, and we then used it throughout the financial report design to ensure continuity and maintain interest.financial report design

A clear and logical structure, combined with a careful selection of interesting design and visual features keep the audience engaged.financial report designfinancial report design

Infographic-style illustrations, a narrow colour palette, high quality professional photographs and a rounded yet business-like font all help bring the corporate message closer to customers and shareholders.financial report designfinancial report design


  • Key stats are presented in uncomplicated graphs, tables and infographics to focus the reader’s attention on the company’s achievements.
  • Limiting the use of photography to a carefully selected handful of images of customers and staff at work maximises impact of the stats being presented.
  • We also designed an engagement report for submission to Ofgem, the industry’s regulatory body.

financial report designfinancial report design


Company report design

Report design

BrightHR needed the support of a design agency that understood their business and could articulate their fun and innovative brand in print design form. To gain the support of their investors and shareholders, we were tasked with creating a report design that communicated their ethos and strategy.


Dee Valley Water

Company annual report design

financial report design

An engaging financial report design that helped our client launch their new vision, values and strategic framework.


Electricity North West

Corporate annual report design

Corporate annual report design

We created a corporate annual report design that delivered much more than information – it made for thought-provoking and engaging reading.