Employee engagement animation

An employee engagement animation that inspires a sense of unity amongst a diverse global team, in a fun and memorable way.


SPXFLOW, a leader in the manufacturing sector, employs over 8,000 staff in 35 countries. Such a sizeable operation is mainly due to expansion through acquisition, resulting in a very diverse workforce.

Diversity can offer many benefits to an organisation, although it can also trigger the need to instil a sense of unity and common purpose within employees. To that end, video animation can be one of the most effective ways to engage staff and motivate them to work together.


Our client asked us to produce an animation that would help bring everyone together as one global team. It had to energise staff and encourage them to collaborate across borders, whether geographical or related to a role.


We created an animation filled with fun and colourful action. A tongue-in-cheek TV gameshow was the perfect vehicle to communicate the message.

In the “SPXFLOW Show”, employees from the three global regions our client operates in are represented as contestants, and a friendly and very enthusiastic host adds to the fun of the animation. The format – instantly recognisable across all cultures and locations – allowed us to create a lasting impression in the audience, who feel immediately relaxed and receptive to the message.

The employee engagement animation opens with the internal brand identity we had previously created for our client: a human fingerprint. This visual device conveys the idea that every employee makes a personal and unique mark in the company’s common goal.

As one of the gameshow challenges, contestants are shown putting together pieces of a puzzle, initially by themselves. It’s only when everyone works together as a team that the puzzle takes the shape of a fingerprint, reinforcing the message that unity and teamwork are required to make a mark and achieve results.


  • The animation also acts as a playful learning tool, with corporate topics being presented as multiple choice questions in another gameshow challenge.
  • We storyboarded the video and sourced voiceover artists from the regions represented to help the animation resonate with the global audience.
  • We managed the production of subtitles for the animation in 7 languages.


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