United Utilities

Digital annual report design

Digital annual report design
A digital annual report design that highlights commitment to customer satisfaction and focus on performance.


Annual reports may sometimes be difficult to read and process, so it was critical that the digital annual report design summarised key findings, and informed in a clear and engaging way how the company had performed against the promises and objectives as part of their business plan.


We were tasked with producing an engaging digital summary of an annual performance design to help maximise the impact of this vital piece of communication.


We present key findings and relevant content in a way that allows the information to be digested and retained quickly and easily.

Our digital annual report design is an abridged version of the full 168-page printed version. The digital report is in a user-friendly pdf format with a very simple, yet effective layout.annual report design

We also kept the interactive navigation simple and easy to use. This helps support the company in communicating goals and performance to key stakeholders and customers, avoiding unnecessary technical features that may distract from the information.annual report design

Categorisation of the content is primarily achieved through a bright colour palette.annual report design

The inclusion of icons also helps structure the report, improving the reader’s experience.annual report designannual report design

Strong photography helps the reader focus on the staff efforts, and helps establish a connection between United Utilities employees and their customers.annual report design

The annual report was also available as a printed version, so we were mindful of this in our design to make the transition as quick and easy as possible, helping reduce timings and costs on the project.

“As a regulated business, it’s vital that we can share how well we are performing against the promises we have made to our customers and stakeholders.

In addition to supporting us to produce a document that reads well, with Plain English accreditation, the team helped us to achieve the right balance of copy, images, illustrations and interactivity which makes for a very effective and engaging presentation of our key performance areas.

We’re really pleased with how the summary has turned out and feedback on the document has been great too.”

Head of Customer Communications at United Utilities

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