Four Seasons Health Care

Prezi presentation

prezi presentationWe designed a highly dynamic Prezi presentation design that immediately engages staff by establishing a connection between company values and how employees make them a reality.


Four Seasons Health Care pride themselves in delivering special resident experiences fuelled by the strength and effectiveness of their values: Respectful, Trusted, Caring, Making a difference. These values guide the actions and choices of every Four Seasons Care Homes employee every day.prezi presentation


In an effort to continually evaluate and adapt internal practices and foster employee satisfaction and engagement, our client had carried out an internal staff survey: ‘Our Voices Make a Difference’.prezi presentation

Four Seasons Health Care asked us to produce a presentation design to help them share the results – and overall success – of the survey. Prezi was the chosen format as, compared to more traditional presentations, this dynamic presentation design format would encourage employee engagement, aid quicker understanding and result in much deeper content retention.prezi presentation


We delivered a visually engaging Prezi presentation design that successfully condenses a large amount of statistical data, making it easy to digest and act on.

We created infographic-style illustrations to inject energy and fun and contribute to quicker processing of the information.prezi presentation

Use of the Four Seasons Health Care brand colours throughout the Prezi presentation immediately help establish a connection between message and target audience, whilst also helping structure information.prezi presentationprezi presentationprezi presentation

The Prezi presentation design, which can be easily edited by our client, is available to download internally, helping maximise the survey effectiveness and learnings gained from it.

The music* track we chose perfectly evokes the spirit and aim of the survey: energising, upbeat, and positive about the future.

(*) An edited version has been included here to maintain client confidentiality 


Employee engagement campaign

Employee engagement campaign

To instil a sense of unity, we successfully developed an employee engagement campaign that encouraged global teams to work together towards a common goal.



Prezi presentation design

Prezi presentation design

This Prezi presentation design helped AstraZeneca communicate the human impact of worksite accidents with the aim to reduce the number of health and safety incidents amongst employees worldwide.


Thomson Reuters

Prezi design

We provided a powerful training tool for Thomson Reuters, creating an engaging presentation design that effectively introduced their latest financial product to international sales teams.