Animated presentation

Animated presentation design

With this animated presentation we made it easy for global sales teams to communicate with an audience of farmers and veterinarians.


Our client  a global leader in water, hygiene and energy technology services  came to us to help them promote their Valiant range, a premium udder care solution which provides protection from infection throughout the milking process, thanks to a unique combination of anti-bacterial agents.


Sales teams had been sharing the same presentation with their audience for a number of years. In that time, the presentation had been added to from different sources, making it inconsistent and difficult to use. We were asked to produce an animated presentation that would ensure full understanding of the product features and benefits in an engaging, and consistent, manner.


Working in close collaboration with our client allowed us to fully understand what triggers the need for the product, as well as each tailored solution and how it works. We then applied that knowledge to the animated presentation. The redesign gives the presenters much greater flexibility and control – a far more impactful presentation.animated presentation design

One of our suggestions, and which would help determine the content, was to embed independent animation video files. This meant that our client was able to demonstrate the product better thanks to the advanced features available.

We developed a sleek and effective animated presentation, changed functionality, and made it consistent. We also incorporated our client’s partner brand.Animated presentation design

The use of animation also contributed to a smoother experience as it helped Ecolab’s product and the solutions it provides come to life. Design and functionality really contribute to an overall professional feel.Animated presentation design

The animations start with a photographic image, which we turned into an illustrative representation of Valiant “at work”, reducing presentation time, and allowing quicker understanding of its benefits. A consistent illustration style prevents ambiguity, and 6 animations we created help provide a lot of detail about the product.

The animated presentation is fully editable to allow quick and easy updates in line with product developments and the requirements of the presentation.

As the presentation was intended for staff worldwide, with mixed technical abilities and varying versions of software, we ensured the presentation and features were user-friendly, both for presenter and audience. We carried out full testing on a variety of operating systems to ensure full usability by sales staff globally.


Business presentation design

Business presentation design

We chose Google Slides to create a business presentation that is an effective sales tool for new business teams and a strong and visually engaging read for prospects.


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Animated product video

Animated product video

From simple CAD drawings, our content creation and video production teams delivered engaging motion graphics that helped showcase our client’s latest respiratory drug delivery technology at a major industry conference.



Presentation design

presentation design

As a design agency that excels in high-quality presentation design, we were able to help Kingspan create a series of educational CPD course materials to help their sales team engage with customers and present themselves more persuasively.