Animated presentation design

Using high quality motion graphics, we created an animated presentation design to highlight the key findings of AstraZeneca’s Innovation Survey.


AstraZeneca commissioned a survey of 6,000 staff across the globe to find out what innovation meant to them – with some interesting results.


We were asked to develop a short animated presentation highlighting the key findings of the AstraZeneca Innovation Survey, and strengthening the perceived link between creativity and innovation, and not just in the pharmaceutical industry. The presentation, intended primarily for an external audience, had to be designed and built in a way that could also be used internally. The animated presentation design had to be reformatted as video and posted on dedicated “Innovation Survey” pages on our client’s website as well as the corporate internal portal and our client’s YouTube channel.

Our client wanted the animated presentation design to be punchy and engaging, rather than a means of displaying all the facts and figures from the survey.


We adopted a fresh, iconic style that remained within the AstraZeneca corporate brand guidelines.

“Working with the Parker team is a real pleasure. For them ‘going the extra mile’ is part of the service.

Everyone is pro-active, provides creative solutions, and does whatever’s needed to meet tight deadlines

and work within the agreed budget, to produce a quality product.

I’d recommend them to anyone.”

The majority of the animation was achieved through ActionScript 3.0 code.

Writing functions for different types of transitions – drop in, bounce in, etc – allowed us to maintain control of the physics whilst only having to code the actual movement once.


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