Thomson Reuters

Prezi design

prezi designWe provided a powerful training tool for Thomson Reuters, creating a Prezi design that effectively introduced their latest financial product to international sales teams.


Our client – a leader in information technology and data management for the financial sector – needed to help their sales teams understand the benefits of Elektron Real Time, a product targeting traders in the global market. The global data feed delivers precise, up-to-the-millisecond financial information, and with an effective training programme, Thomson Reuters could ensure their team fully understood the product and would be able to consistently relay benefits to customers.


Thomson Reuters’ marketing team needed a presentation design that would excite their sales teams, delivering complex and detailed product information in a way that would engage the audience and make key points memorable.


We delivered a Prezi design focused on simplifying complex information, making it easier for sales teams to comprehend, absorb and relate it back to the customer.prezi design

Working within the company’s brand guidelines and colour palette, we created a structure that would allow training teams to easily swoop in and out of different sections of the presentation.prezi design

The dark background helps push illustrations and infographics forward, encouraging viewers to focus and associate a single strong visual with each main point.prezi designprezi design

By arranging the content into manageable sections, we were able to create a flow for the Prezi design that kept the attention of audiences, without overwhelming them with data or text.prezi design

The simplified visual style guarantees quality of training in countries where English is not the first language.prezi design

Illustrations and infographics highlight key data, making it easy for the presenter to break down the content in more detail.prezi design

The Prezi design effectively linked content to the company’s vision and individual market challenges, helping the audience understand their role in the wider global strategy.

Four Seasons Health Care

Prezi presentation

prezi presentation

We created a Prezi presentation design that immediately establishes a connection between the company values and the employees who make them a reality.



Prezi presentation design

Prezi presentation design

This Prezi presentation design helped AstraZeneca communicate the human impact of worksite accidents with the aim to reduce the number of health and safety incidents amongst employees worldwide.



Presentation design

presentation design

As a design agency that excels in high-quality presentation design, we were able to help Kingspan create a series of educational CPD course materials to help their sales team engage with customers and present themselves more persuasively.