Graduate recruitment animation

This graduate recruitment animation exudes positivity, energy and the potential of what’s yet to come for ambitious graduates, acting as a beacon at busy career fairs.


AstraZeneca owes its scientific leadership to the calibre of people the company recruits – people who are excited about what they can achieve, who feel empowered to think big and who are passionate about making the impossible a reality.


As part of the company’s recruitment programmes to attract the strongest talent, we were briefed with creating an animation that would do much more than attracting attention at busy career fairs.

It had to appeal to the right kind of personality – candidates who are eager to give and learn every day, ready to drive change by collaborating with other brilliant minds, and enjoy a global career filled with equal doses of effort and reward.Graduate recruitment animation


The animation we developed presents a visual universe exuding positivity, energy and the potential of what’s yet to come, acting as a beacon straight away by providing clear direction for young graduates at such a significant crossroads in their lives.Graduate recruitment animation

The visual style is playful and at the same time elegant and focused. A central spot of light throughout the graduate recruitment animation adds an element of realism, depth and a point of focus.Graduate recruitment animation

Strong and playful iconography helps represent the wide range of global opportunities graduates can aspire to.Graduate recruitment animationGraduate recruitment animationGraduate recruitment animation

Though mainly built in 2D – a time and cost-effective option – layering of elements adds a 3D quality to the animation, adding appeal and bringing the message closer to the audience.Graduate recruitment animationGraduate recruitment animationA target-like visual device helps illustrate the global department rotation offered by AstraZeneca.

“We’re absolutely delighted with the quality of the video – from the initial script, through to the artistic interpretation, to the final video.

Can’t wait to use this at our forthcoming recruitment careers fairs and, internally, to help promote our programme.”

Global Operations Recruitment Team, AstraZeneca


Graduate recruitment brochure

Graduate recruitment brochure

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Student recruitment animation

student recruitment animation

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compliance animated video

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