Graduate recruitment brochure

Graduate recruitment brochure

We designed a vibrant graduate recruitment brochure to position DAI as a provider of exciting career opportunities for driven young talent.


DAI is a leading supply chain and logistics software provider helping clients “deliver life’s essentials”. The company attributes its success to the talented and dedicated people it employs – and regularly attends career fairs aiming to attract top candidates.Graduate recruitment brochure


We were asked to produce a brochure design that would signify a departure from previous recruitment literature, as well as the company’s existing corporate materials. The new brochure would help DAI attract top talent, while also persuading graduates to take action and trigger the application process.


We designed a graduate recruitment brochure that represents DAI as a cooperative and rewarding employer, where ambitious candidates will thrive.

Inspired by the client’s existing brand, we organised the information around interconnected hexagonal shapes, evoking the idea that structured teamwork in manufacturing leads to business success. Clean design lets the information flow, allowing the audience to focus and absorb the content, and encouraging them to start the application process.Graduate recruitment brochure

Aspirational photographs of graduates reinforce the company’s belief that strong individuals are the driving force behind DAI’s success. We applied a blue tint to the images to create visual interest, while not distracting readers from the information being communicated.Graduate recruitment brochure

We utilised a variety of visual devices – such as large fonts, a bright colour palette, infographic-style illustrations and word clouds – to help structure content.Graduate recruitment brochure

Creative organisation of the information keeps the audience engaged: playful fold-out and pull-out sections add an element of interactivity to features such as a real employee’s timeline, whereas content such as a “A typical day” is given prominence thanks to a double page spread layout.Graduate recruitment brochureGraduate recruitment brochureGraduate recruitment brochure


  • The combination of white foil on uncoated stock gives the brochure cover a sheen and texture that appeal to graduates.
  • Quotes from employees help communicate real experiences of working life at DAI.
  • In order to strengthen the connection between DAI and its graduate audience, we borrowed elements from digital design, such as applying a web page text selection effect to some of the content.

Graduate recruitment brochure


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