Environmental report design

environmental report

Thanks to a combination of evocative earthy colours, bright environment-based photography, and engaging data graphics, we delivered an environmental report design that supported Shell’s commitment to sustainable development.


Companies with a firm commitment to sustainability often out-perform their competitors when it comes to maximising long-term shareholder value. Sustainable development is a key aspect of the work carried out by Shell at its Stanlow Manufacturing Complex, where 12 million tonnes of crude oil are refined every year. For the company it is imperative that the environmental impact of their operations is clearly communicated to their customers, local community, staff, shareholders and suppliers.environmental report


Shell asked Parker to produce an environmental report design that would help them communicate the company’s strict adherence to economic and social performance regulations, as well as crucial environmental statistics. For this type of report to be credible, it must be clear what kind of information is being reported, and how and why it is collected. We needed to create a carefully thought-out report that would make a positive contribution to Shell’s overall reputation and performance.


We carefully planned the design style and content of the report to maximise its impact. Using Shell’s corporate brand guidelines as a basis, we ensured the information was presented in an appealing and informative way, with engaging layouts and intuitive use of typography to create a hierarchy of information.environmental reportenvironmental reportEnvironmental report design

Combining this with an earthy colour scheme, bright environment-based collection of photographs, and clear well designed data graphics, the environment report design is particularly eye-catching and effective.environmental report

The simple design helps focus on the message our client wants to communicate.environmental reportenvironmental report

To complete the earthy impression the report was printed on an uncoated and recycled stock which reinforced key messages. The Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Ltd validation logo on the back cover also gives the document credibility.


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