Industrial illustration

Industrial illustration

We helped our client grab the attention of a very specific audience with a playful and engaging industrial illustration that simplifies the complexity of their processes.


Formed in 2015, INOVYN is a vinyls producer that ranks among the top three globally. Part of the INEOS Group and with over 4,000 employees and operations in eight European countries, the company’s products are fundamental raw materials for a wide range of industries including – amongst others – food, healthcare and medical, personal care, pulp and paper, textiles, automotive, and water treatment.Industrial illustration

The company has strong links to the Cheshire community: the Northwich site, originally founded in the 1930s, was acquired by INEOS in 2001 from British chemicals giant ICI, along with their Runcorn plant.

The INOVYN site at Holford Brinefields, Northwich, sits on 1600 hectares to produce brine, an essential element in plastics production, water treatment chemicals, and the production of food-grade salt. This brine is in turn supplied to the INEOS Enterprises’ Salt Plant at Weston Point, as well as the INOVYN Runcorn site.

With 70 employees and pumping around 30 million cubic metres of water annually, and 2.5 million tonnes of salt extracted every year, the links to the local area and its environment are clear.Industrial illustration


Working in close collaboration with the Lion Salt Works Museum, another local organisation at the heart of the community, INOVYN wanted to educate on the impact and benefits their operations bring to the local, and wider UK, economy.

To support sessions and talks mainly aimed at primary school groups, our client needed a way to help them immediately grab the attention of their very specific audience. Having used illustration in the past, this was also the chosen vehicle to communicate the complexity of the INOVYN/INEOS operations, and the part they play in our everyday lives. Industrial illustration


Through creating a sense of surprise and novelty, this approach helps capture the imagination of the audience immediately, whilst also aiding with the processing, understanding and retention of the complex information being provided.Industrial illustration

The Salt and Chlorine cycle illustration relies heavily on the use of a handful of carefully chosen colours and playful visual devices to give a scientifically accurate, yet at reach, representation of the company’s operations. Clearly structured, the industrial illustration immediately defines and educates on the individual steps and stages within the complex cycle.Industrial illustrationIndustrial illustrationIndustrial illustration

Our illustrator paid attention to every detail, including making reference to everyday life events which the audience can instantly recognise and identify with, such as adding salt to our food. This injects a sense of fun and maximises the learning experience for the audience.

Thanks for all your hard work on this, it looks great and is something very different to what we’ve ever had before.

This industrial illustration really gives another dimension to what we do and I’m sure it’ll be used for years to come throughout the business.

UK Communications Manager, Inovyn


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