Event video content

Event video content that communicates how the manufacturing sector is evolving and energises audiences about the next generation of industrial software solutions.


SolutionsPT have been providing industrial IT solutions for clients across a variety of sectors for 30 years. As the sole distributor of Wonderware software in the UK & Ireland, this market leader needed effective video content to open one of the biggest conferences in their history.


Our video production team needed to position our client as the leading expert on industrial automation software and the needs of the manufacturing sector. With more than 200 customers and partners gathering for the company’s two-day conference, it was essential to help them cut through the clutter and create event video content that would be both visually engaging and educational.


Following the development of a full branding solution for the event, our creative team came up with a concept that would translate effectively into video without losing any of its impact. Focusing on the factory of the future, and the potential value that automation can deliver, we were able to position Wonderware as the software solution that could help companies get to the next level.

“Working with Parker Design has been a great experience, they’ve made everything so simple, particularly considering how technical our offering is.”

Manager of Corporate and Product Marketing, SolutionsPT

The video opens with an overview of how the manufacturing sector is evolving and then outlines some of the exciting opportunities that technology is making possible. Both the story and the animation draw viewers in with a combination of relevant facts and interviews with SolutionsPT experts. This approach helps to whet the audience’s appetite for solid, relevant information while creating visual excitement that helps cut through distraction.


  • Branded visual assets are animated, changing from spots of light into the shape of an eye, subconsciously helping viewers establish a point of focus and tying in with the event theme ‘Seeing is Believing.’
  • Inspirational quotes from top business leaders are integrated throughout the video to energise and inspire audiences.
  • Interviews with senior company leaders reaffirm the company’s expertise in the sector and position Wonderware as the product that can deliver on the potential available to factories of the future.
  • Music selection is confident and pulls viewers into the video without being disruptive, and close-up shots of the software interface help bring it to life.
  • On-site factory footage shot with engineers who are using the software increases message credibility and provides context for viewers familiar with automation.

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