Impact report design

Impact report designAfter working with the charity to refresh their brand, we produced an impact report design that outlines how their programmes are making a real difference in the communities they support.


Act4Africa is an award-winning health and education charity that aims to promote gender justice for women and girls, equip them with life skills to be free from poverty, and combat HIV.Impact report design


After working with the organisation to refresh their brand, we were asked to help them produce an impact report design that would outline how their programmes are making a difference. We needed to highlight the charity’s activities in way that was both powerful and demonstrated the efficacy of their programmes in targeting poverty.

Impact report designimpact report designSolution

This impact report design not only helped our client define the kind of change they want to inspire, it also provided transparency about how donations are being used to achieve measurable results.Impact report design

Our design team wanted to help Act4Africa share their message of hope through an injection of energy and colour, without sacrificing the gravitas needed to address a topic as serious as reducing poverty. While the inside brimmed with vibrant images and patterns, a dark green cover centred the piece.Impact report design

By maximising the palette we developed for their brand refresh, we were able to highlight different sections of the impact report to help readers focus on key information.

Impact report design

A brush stroke font conveys a sense of action around key section themes, while infographics help improve readability and comprehension of statistical data.impact report design

The earthy look and feel and African patterns that our designers were inspired to create also worked well to emphasise the photography.Impact report designProminent use of monetary figures throughout the impact report design improves transparency, making readers feel confident about how resources are used.

Hand drawn boxes and illustrations lend a more human touch to the visuals, creating emotional impact.Impact report design

By selecting an uncoated stock we were able to help establish a more natural look and feel, contrasting the piece from a traditional annual report.Impact report design

N8 Research Partnership

Economic report design

economic report design

Our print design team created an economic report design that effectively communicates the value and impact that research and innovation have in regional development.


Imperial College London

Prospectus design

prospectus design

A striking prospectus design to attract support to OPAL, a nationwide initiative led by Imperial College London, conceived to inspire all levels of society to collaborate and get closer to nature.


Dee Valley Water

Annual report design

annual report design

Dee Valley Water needed a print design agency to help it increase transparency and shape stakeholder perceptions. We took care of every detail to create a stunning annual report design – another example where beautiful and effective graphic design can communicate and reinforce your message.