Zelman & Associates

Company credentials design

Company credentials designWe prioritised clarity and accessibility to turn the complex information in this company credentials presentation into an appealing communications piece that transmits leadership and expertise.


Zelman & Associates is a US-based research firm specialising the housing sector. The company provides senior-level executives and global institutional investors with expert insights on company-specific equity performance and macro housing trends, guiding them towards wise and informed decisions.


Following a recommendation by an existing client, we were briefed to revitalise Zelman’s company credentials document. With large amounts of information to work with, the presentation design would need to strike a balance between being visually impactful and transmitting a message of corporate excellence.


We created 19 PowerPoint slides that tell a strong story of expertise and success. The design leans on simplicity throughout to provide Zelman’s teams with a credentials deck that immediately engages and keeps audiences focused.

Company credentials design

Despite the amount of information, the slides benefit from plenty of white space to give presenters and readers room to manage the content.

Complex processes and concepts are explained through highly visual devices that aid comprehension, whilst a subtle brand element on the top left hand corner of each PowerPoint slide hints at the concept of progress and continuity.

A minimal colour palette of grey and purple and a simple icon library further contribute to an uncomplicated design where clarity and accessibility are priority.

Company credentials design


PowerPoint template design

A PowerPoint template design and build that is clean, uncluttered and highly intuitive, making it easy for users to create engaging presentations that get the audience's buy-in.


Four Seasons Health Care

Prezi presentation

prezi presentation

We created a Prezi presentation design that immediately establishes a connection between the company values and the employees who make them a reality.



Presentation design

presentation design

As a design agency that excels in high-quality presentation design, we were able to help Kingspan create a series of educational CPD course materials to help their sales team engage with customers and present themselves more persuasively.