Heitkamp & Thumann Group

Company profile brochure design

Company profile brochure

Inspired by precision engineering and the importance of a highly skilled and motivated workforce, our design for Heitkamp & Thumann Group’s new company profile brochure relies on clear and logical structure, attention to every detail and strong photography.


Founded in 1978, the Heitkamp & Thumann Group is a leading global partner for the development and supply of world-class precision formed metal and plastic components. The Group today comprises 15 medium-sized companies across 9 different countries worldwide.

The company’s philosophy is underpinned by a strong belief in efficiency and continuous improvement to deliver quality and innovation, thanks to lean corporate structures and highly qualified and motivated employees.


Following a series of changes to the corporate structure at Heitkamp & Thumann Group, our client’s company profile brochure design needed a refresh from a content point of view as well as a new look and feel. The brochure would need to work as a strong corporate business tool – an informative piece of collateral for customers and other external stakeholders, which also engages employees.


Developed exclusively for this company profile brochure, the new design is inspired by precision engineering, which, right at the core of Heitkamp & Thumann Group, is an essential ingredient in the design and manufacture of the company’s products.

Taking inspiration from technical drawings, the new brochure design aims to highlight precision by incorporating some of the finer technical details seen on the drawings.

Precision and accuracy feed into the visual treatments we applied to headings, framed by a keyline to anchor the text, whereas a grid system helps structure content on the page.

Company profile brochure

Over 40 years of company history and achievements are told through a simple and impactful timeline.

Company profile brochure

Paying attention to every detail in the design, the page numbering style evokes the concept of a numerical fraction.

“Everyone’s happy with the brochure.

You can be proud of the work you and the team have accomplished!”

CEO, H&T Group

We kept use of colour to a minimum, with the primary brand colours, blue and white, taking over most of the design. Grey and red then add a subtle contrast, and also help differentiate the different corporate divisions.

Where the content allows, strong professional photographs of Heitkamp & Thumann Group employees take centre stage. The people photography, art directed by us, is a collection of action shots where a diverse range of employees and roles within the company are the main focus.

As well as the English version of the company profile brochure, we also produced a version for our client’s German-speaking audience.

Company profile brochure

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