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Sales collateral

sales collateral

We contributed to our client’s success at a major industry conference with an engaging and effective sales collateral design that focuses on the simplicity of H&T Presspart’s new product.


Working with Hovione Technology to improve their existing device, H&T Presspart – one of the leading global manufacturers of metered-dose inhalers and respiratory drug delivery components – wanted to launch its enhanced dry powder inhaler, PowdAir Plus, at a key pharmaceutical conference.sales collateral


The sales collateral not only had to make an impactful first impression on the audience, it also had to promote the product’s simple mechanism, which meets patients’ requirements – particularly in developing markets, where the need for durable and cost-effective respiratory medicines has steadily increased in the last few years.


The simplicity of use of PowdAir Plus is reflected in our design. As the first stage of a wider launch campaign – which also included a detailed product video, a 3D sales demo and exhibition materials – we developed an easily identifiable brand identity that helps to effortlessly transmit the product’s features and functionality.sales collateral

With the name already decided, we led a brand workshop with H&T Presspart to establish their objectives. Having previously designed a new brand identity for the company’s eMDI device, we ensured that, whilst establishing them as part of the same product family, each brand had its own distinctive identity.

The new brand design utilises the same font family, and blue and grey colour palette as the existing eMDI identity. Using simple typography to anchor the product name, we simplified PowdAir Plus’s unique shape to create a supporting icon. This immediately increases name recognition as it encourages audiences to make a mental association with the product.sales collateral

Another key element in the suite of sales collateral was an oversized 3D product demo, which gave sales teams a particularly engaging way of demonstrating PowdAir’s simple and effective functionality. Working from CAD drawings, we created a model that was 10 times the size of PowdAir Plus.
sales collateral

The product demo includes two sample capsules that can be inserted into the inhaler tray to highlight the simplicity of the technology and ease of use for patients.sales collateral

Our 3D solution made it easy for sales teams to demonstrate the product’s features, and it also provided an interesting and memorable element to display in the event space.

A short and compelling animation further reinforces the idea of simplicity in PowdAir Plus’s mechanism. The video takes viewers from 2D visuals to a 3D animation, communicating the product’s simple design and ease of use.

Combining the new brand design with mechanical CAD drawings provided by H&T Presspart, we created a storyboard with a unique visual style.

Emphasising the shape of the product throughout, the animation covers design, construction, functionality, usage and drug delivery – all in just over a minute.

“The PowdAir Plus model you built for us was, in a word, brilliant. I always believe if someone has done a good job you should let them know. All the marketing material was produced to a very high standard, and our target audience loved it.”

Marketing Manager, H&T Presspart

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