N8 Research Partnership

Animated video production

This simple and effective animated video production emphasises the impact of vital research on the regional economy in the North of England.


The N8 Research Partnership’s main aim is to foster collaboration between industry, society and the eight most research-intensive Universities in the North of England. A vital element to inspire collaboration is effective communication, easily achieved with impactful animated video production, as it condenses large amounts of information in a short space of time.Animated video production


After collaborating with the N8 to produce an economic impact report, our client tasked us with creating a video animation to summarise the findings of the report and demonstrate the impact on the regional economy.

The animation had to make large amounts of facts and figures easily digestible, with the aim to provide a more memorable experience for the audience, and guarantee the effectiveness of the communication for N8.Animated video production


We kept the animation simple, without any unnecessary distractions from a design or functionality perspective. This allows the audience to focus on the message, and it also helped keep costs and turnaround times to a minimum.

The content engages the audience in a number of ways: maximising the use of infographic-style illustrations and counter devices makes the data stick in the viewer’s mind. Applying movement, scale and fade effects results in a fast-paced animation that transmits a positive message of energy and confidence.Animated video production

The use of vibrant colours to highlight data and applying movement to certain elements helps bring the vast amount of information to life.

To make the information easily digestible, and maximise awareness and impact we ensured the pace was not too fast.

The animated video is hosted in the economic impact section of N8’s website for an audience of industry and business leaders, Universities, policymakers and government, and funding bodies.

The release of the report and its animated video version, just 2 months after the EU Referendum results, was particularly poignant: as £127m (13%) of research funding for the N8 Universities comes from the European Union.


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