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Corporate annual report design

Corporate annual report design

High quality photography, playful illustrations and interesting layouts turned this corporate annual report design into a thought-provoking and engaging piece of collateral.


Our client – one of the 14 local power network operators in the country – provides power to almost 2.5m properties and businesses. Employing 1,600 people in the area, innovation and sustainable development of cities and countryside alike are at the heart of what our client does for their customers and shareholders.


The company wanted their corporate annual report design to reach out to their audience in a way that embodied their future-thinking ethos, whilst acknowledging their heritage: they needed a fresh take on report design.


We produced an effective corporate annual report design that delivered so much more than information – it makes for thought-provoking and engaging reading.corporate annual report designCorporate annual report design

Our client’s network covers a wide range of areas, from the deepest rural Cumbria to constantly growing urban and heavy industry hubs like Manchester, so our design incorporated those elements in a harmonious way.Corporate annual report design

Playful illustrations placed on a rural background showcase the interaction between the company and its customers in those areas, and bring the company’s daily efforts to life. The fresh and contemporary colours evoke our client’s forward thinking nature, as well as the urban areas they support.

The information is laid out in a way that allows the copy to breathe so readers can absorb the information quickly and easily.corporate annual report designcorporate annual report design

Use of high quality photography of the infrastructure and teams give the annual report an editorial feel that encourages the reader to turn to the next page.

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