B2B web design

The Caja Group approached us to create a B2B web design that was user-friendly and would help establish its niche consultancy brand. Specialising in business transformation, change management and organisational effectiveness, the company wanted to provide public and private sectors organisations with an affordable alternative that helped people, processes and technology converge.

Companies focused on the B2B market typically face a longer sales cycle than B2C brands, requiring them to maintain consistent long-term contact with their target audience across multiple touch points. Working in an industry dominated by large, well-known competitors, Caja needed a strong online presence to outline its unique range of products and services.

Engaging in some truly “out of the box” thinking, Parker Design helped the company develop a new brand, followed by a clean, sleek B2B website design that supported its new identity. Our creative team made the most of the brand’s colour palette and sourced photography of children engaging in creative play for the site’s hero images.

This visual strategy differentiated the brand from competitors and lent just the right mix of energy and credibility – fitting in perfectly with Caja’s innovative approach. Additionally, market research confirmed that the target market had a large number of mobile users, so we created the B2B web design to be responsive, ensuring that it could be accessed equally well by smartphones and tablets.

In order to give Caja the flexibility to create and update its website content, our digital team integrated a Content Management System (CMS) into the site during the development process. This allowed us to produce a solution that was attractive and made it easy for their internal team to adjust page information as often as needed.

Caja’s new B2B web design was officially unveiled during a launch event at the company’s headquarters. It was thrilled with the look and feel of the site, and feedback from its clients and consultants so far has been overwhelmingly positive.