Brochure design and translation

Brochure design and translation

We helped DAI rise above competitors at Intermodal Asia with a brochure design and Chinese translation that helped them communicate not only industry leadership, but also extra care and respect for their audience.


Every year, global container transport and logistics decision makers gather in Shanghai, one of the most dynamic logistics markets on the planet, at Intermodal Asia. The event, key in the region, serves as a platform for professionals from over 90 countries to network and discover the latest innovations, solutions and products.


With over 200 industry-leading exhibitors and more than 8,000 industry professionals attending the event, DAI – leaders in business critical software systems – was aware of the importance of maximising their presence at the show.

When doing business, communication is vital to success, and localising promotional materials to the market you’re targeting will help you rise above competitors. This approach demonstrates extra care and respect for your target audience, it shows you speak their language – literally – and will go a long way to generate trust, and sales. With this in mind, our client asked us to manage the Chinese translation and delivery of one of the brochures we had already produced for them in English.Brochure design and translation


Taking account of the differences between English and Chinese, the way the brochure design and translation are structured allows the Chinese characters to breathe, making for a piece that reads naturally to the target audience.Brochure design and translationBrochure design and translationBrochure design and translation

Some of the people photography was also localised to the Asian markets, helping make a connection between DAI and its regional audience, while hexagonal shapes help structure content and hint at an effective supply chain.Brochure design and translation

The hexagon also provides an interesting way of presenting the clients and industries DAI’s software supports. To give the shape, and the concept it represents, more prominence within the pages, we introduced a contrasting curved line.Brochure design and translation

The brochure design and translation are rounded up with the inclusion of playful icons and illustrations that add movement and dynamism to the pages, a perfect reflection of the industry our client operates in.


Organisational strategy infographic

infographic design

A global supplier of highly specialised engineered solutions approached us to help them articulate the strategy for one of their divisions. We created a motivational infographic that contributed to increased levels of employee engagement.


Ocean Spray

Multilingual brochure design

brochure design

We produced a multilingual brochure design for Ocean Spray Ingredient Technology Group that enabled them to promote their message to a global audience in a professional and yet familiar tone.


H&T Presspart

Multi-lingual CMS and web design

Multi-lingual CMS and web design

We created a clean and contemporary multi-lingual CMS and web design that presents H&T Presspart as an authority in their field at the cutting edge of innovation.