Business-to-business website

Talk Internet – specialists in telecommunications and connectivity infrastructure – approached Parker Design with the aim of updating and enhancing its business-to-business website and company literature.

The company’s existing business-to-business website made it difficult for customers to locate key information and lacked the functionality its internal team needed to update it efficiently. Our web development department was delighted to take on the challenge, designing and implementing the site within a short timeframe of only a few weeks.

To create a corporate, and yet customer-friendly feel, we recommended a layout with a clean look and bold colours. Our specialists also paid careful attention to the website’s typography, and how the data tables were styled, to ensure that all product information was displayed in an uncluttered way.

As well as developing a visually appealing design, Parker Design put significant thought into the organisation and layout of the business-to-business website. Our team used a mixture of photography, icon-based illustrations and strong typography in the hero banners to portray the company’s key product messages and calls to action.

To allow our client to maintain and update the website with new content as often as necessary, a WordPress Content Management System (CMS) was integrated into the development process. Various sections of the business to business website – including the main home page, product landing pages, company blog and knowledge-base article pages – were designed and then built within WordPress to make maintenance of the site easy.

Our team engaged in some bespoke development of the existing WordPress CMS to provide the client with additional custom elements, such as featured boxes on the home page and news and events tables that updated automatically. We also managed a significant amount of search engine optimisation (SEO) for the business-to-business website in order to encourage organic traffic and increase its search engine rankings.

The finished result was well received by the Talk Internet team. In addition to making the website more appealing to customers and easier to navigate, the CMS functionality has proved invaluable to the internal team that manages it.