Certificate design

certificate design

We created a certificate design that truly reflects the Trusupporter brand, contributing to an immediate sense of belonging amongst members.


As part of the Trusupporter membership sign-up process, every new member receives a unique certificate when they register on the website.


The design of the certificate needed to reflect our client’s brand and be easily customisable before the print stage.


Inspired by bank notes and passport design for the final treatment, we developed a complex pattern derived from the various shapes within the logo. This approach gave the certificate design a strong brand visual and an authentic high quality look and feel. A modern font and typography treatment help maintain legibility and add emphasis to each member’s unique number.

One important consideration the client stipulated at the start of the project was the ability to customise the certificate’s design quickly and easily. This would ensure that every member received their certificate in a short space of time, supporting our client’s efforts to establish a relationship of trust from the start. We achieved this with the use of a layered Adobe Illustrator file that contained a number of editable fields; this ensured the colour and various data elements could be updated with ease.

Four Seasons Health Care

Internal awards collateral design

Internal awards collateral design

The effective combination of bright and colourful design with strong employee engagement ideas resulted in awards collateral that radiates brightness and positivity, and succeeds at inspiring everyone to get involved and recognise the efforts of those around them.



College prospectus design

college Prospectus design

We helped SFX drive new enrolments with a vibrant prospectus design that refreshed its identity and established a connection with aspiring students. The new print design was a departure for SFX – transmitting a forward-looking message that seamlessly integrated with their traditional values.



CPD prospectus design

CPD prospectus design

This high quality prospectus helps demonstrate Kingspan's building design knowledge and positions them as an industry leader, thanks to clever and engaging print design that reinforces key messages.