Ventient Energy

Corporate cyber security video

Visuals, pace, voiceover and music track all combine to deliver a corporate cyber security video that, while calm, transmits a strong sense of unease and personal responsibility.


A dynamic, pan-European renewable energy company, Ventient Energy is the largest independent generator of onshore wind energy in Europe, managing over 135 windfarms across the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal. The company places a high level of importance on maintaining a robust IT infrastructure to allow them to carry out their operations seamlessly and risk-free.


Having developed a cyber security awareness training course to distribute to employees internally, our client asked us to produce a video to maximise awareness of the risks of an attack. The video would need to encourage every employee to complete the training course so they were fully educated on the key role each individual can play in keeping Ventient safe from cyber attacks, which could compromise major operations and the company as a whole.


Visuals, pace, voiceover and music track all combine to deliver a piece of video* communications that, while calm, transmits a strong sense of unease, alarm and personal responsibility – this is to be taken extremely seriously.

Sourcing actual recent cyber crime instances and highlighting the damaging consequences these have had on other companies, the corporate cyber security video is filled with snippets of information and data which, though brief, create immediate impact.

Playing with layers of footage of office environments, binary code visuals, captions and animated character icons adds depth and builds on the idea of how everything is interconnected.

Corporate cyber security video

The visual and written narrative are strong, underpinned by an imposing voiceover and an emotion-filled music bed.

Corporate cyber security videoCorporate cyber security video

The video, which will also be available in French, Portuguese and Spanish, ends with a nod to the personal responsibility that rests on each employee and a simple and effective CTA encouraging them to complete the course.

(*) – Here we have included an edited version of the video for illustrative purposes.

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