Corporate website design

Meeting the needs of multiple audiences online can be difficult, especially when you operate in a specialist market. Hoping to create a digital space that would appeal to Members – and provide resources for its industry brokers and port authorities – The Shipowners’ Club approached Parker Design to develop an eye-catching corporate website design.


As a mutual insurance association, Shipowners’ caters to the needs of maritime vessel owners, operators and charterers across the globe. With business distributed through a network of 600 broker and 33,000 vessels insured worldwide, its corporate website needed to effectively integrate a variety of user-friendly online resources.

Many insurance websites contain an overabundance of information that – while essential – can be difficult to manage in a way that appeals to visitors online. Thus, our digital team aimed to develop an attractive, focused solution that would effectively organise the data and offer practical applications for users.


Inspired by the challenging brief, Parker Design created a corporate website design with bold, visually stimulating colours in a clean layout. The palette – taken directly from the existing company logo – helped reduce visual noise and strategically extended the brand in a way that appealed to the client’s multiple target audiences.

Easily accessible from a desktop, smartphone or tablet, the fully responsive mobile website included a variety of online resources. In addition to a publications library, which allows visitors to review materials by vessel type and subject, a toolbar with extended search functionality was developed to pull results from documents, databases and other content across the website.

To make the corporate website design useful for port authorities, as well as Members and brokers, Parker Design created searchable database tools to verify a vessel’s insurance status by its name or IMO number. Owners can also maintain international maritime documentation by searching and applying for blue bunker cards and trading certificates.

Shipowners’ have a global network of well-established Correspondents, located around the world to offer assistance and guidance to Members. Our digital team helped the client develop a searchable database tool to efficiently locate a Correspondent in the network by country or port. The tool also allows Correspondents to update their contact information to reduce data management and ensure listings remain up to date.

For the client’s benefit, we also integrated a user-friendly content management system (CMS) into the website’s development. This feature made it easy for their internal team to manage the news feed, publication library and other online content.


Shipowners’ are extremely pleased with their new corporate website design and received positive feedback from both members and brokers about the practical database tools and ease of use.

As designed, the space became a resource for individuals in the maritime insurance industry and helped vessel owners secure information quickly and efficiently. Within the first month of launch, the client experienced an increase in web traffic and has continued to see usage figures improve.