Delta Corporate Risk

Corporate website design

corporate website design

A strong example of teamwork between client and agency, we produced a new corporate website design that was a total departure for our client.


To support growth targets, insurance brokers Delta Corporate Risk had identified a need for a website design that matched the expectations of their target customers – companies from across a wide spectrum of sectors including law, property and construction, as well high net worth private customers looking for insurance solutions to meet their very specific needs.


The corporate website design had to be a total departure from the previous incarnation to engage Delta’s savvy audience. The website also had to serve as a springboard to launch the company’s new brand, which we had worked on in tandem with the new website.corporate website design


The new design was the result of true collaboration between client, designers and developers as – inspired by examples of work on our own website – our client had shared some specific preferences with our team at the start of the project.

The website has a premium feel, making Delta’s target customer feel affinity from the moment they land on the website, and whetting their appetite to find out more. The wide array of sectors covered and products offered is presented in a clear way, while the functional design turns the customer journey into a tailored experience, making it very easy for the audience to cherry pick what best suits them.

The website succeeds in attracting different types of audiences, ensuring no prospective customer feels alienated and reaffirming the website’s role as a sales tool. We complemented the design with editorial style images that we sourced for the client. corporate website design

From a website development perspective, we carried through the premium design ethic using scalable graphics for retina screens, and smooth and subtle animation transitions for user interface elements and images.corporate website designcorporate website design

Delta was so happy with the corporate website design and content flow that they have now commissioned us to also rebrand their office.

Thomson Reuters

Web design and digital strategy

web design

Thomson Reuters needed a digital agency that would deliver a web design and digital strategy, as well as an integrated marketing strategy, to promote the performance benefits of Eikon, its financial analytics software. With our solution our client achieved an 81% increase in monthly website traffic.


The Shipowners’ Club

WordPress CMS

WordPress CMS

Parker Design is a digital agency that delivers innovative web design and effective WordPress CMS. The stunning new website we created for The Shipowners' Club provided valuable resources for industry brokers and port authorities, improving the user experience and increasing organic web traffic.


Hey Little Magpie

Magento web development

Magento web development

We are a digital agency that helped one online business rediscover itself with a new name and brand identity. Our web design and web development teams also helped the client with a clever email marketing solution and a new website design.