Design & web development

An intuitive new website that effectively repositions the client and enhances the customer experience.

Design and web development projects are often about helping clients future-proof their business and better address the needs of their customers. Adeva – a company that specialises in providing training solutions for credit, risk and corporate finance – felt their non-responsive website offered an outdated experience online, affecting how they were perceived by potential customers and negatively impacting their Google search rankings. 

To address this and establish Adeva as both trustworthy and forward-thinking, our digital team created a fluid and intuitive website design that delivered a strong first impression. The style was clean, informative and easy to navigate, allowing it to function as both a corporate brochure and resource for customers..

The web design:

  • Used strong images and infographic-style illustrations to make key information accessible
  • Trimmed down content and organised it into layers, allowing visitors to find information based on their specific training needs
  • Encouraged exploration across a variety of devices with a fully responsive design solution

In addition, our web development team enhanced the customer experience by:

  • Providing seamless integration with social media, allowing users to easily share content which increases brand awareness and enquiry potential
  • Creating a newsletter sign-up
  • Improving search functionality to help visitors find what they’re looking for faster

To support Adeva’s future growth, our web development team built in a Content Management System (CMS) that made it easy for the company to update the website themselves. We also enabled opportunities for data capture throughout the site, including the future eLearning portal and in the ‘Expertise’ section, where useful visitor information could be collected in exchange for resources, such as course outlines and PDF case studies.

As well as helping Adeva position itself more competitively in the financial training market, our intuitive design and efficient web development improved how customers interacted with the site, ultimately changing their online experience and supporting business development.

Client testimonial: 

“It has been such a pleasure working with the Parker Design team, and today’s training session gave me real feel for the power of what we have invested in.” 

Cara Sherliker, Client Services Executive at Adeva Partners