Healthcare marketing collateral

healthcare marketing collateralThis healthcare marketing collateral design relies on an impactful simplicity that hooks audiences immediately, inspiring them to engage, and convert.


Our client, Allmed, with 1,500 staff in 8 countries across the world. Every member of staff is focused on working towards delivering innovative healthcare solutions and a bright, quality future for dialysis care patients across over 40 marketing collateral


To create a healthcare marketing collateral design that immediately captures imaginations by conveying our client’s drive for innovation. To not just hook audiences, but inspire them to stay, to interact, engage and convert.


The healthcare marketing collateral we delivered, both brochure and set of data sheets, leads with equal doses of striking detailed photography – healthcare is art – and unique layout ideas that leave room for engaging copy to shine.

The brochure cover is so simple and understated that what follows inside is guaranteed to surprise, immediately creating a lasting memory in our audience’s marketing collateralhealthcare marketing collateralhealthcare marketing collateralhealthcare marketing collateral

Detail and colour help create a lasting impression of our client as a leader in the research, development and manufacture of world-class treatment marketing collateralhealthcare marketing collateralhealthcare marketing collateral

Patients always come first for Allmed. A large size and a magnified highlight effect on the fonts transmit the importance Allmed places on its company values, developed with patients in marketing collateral

Simple visuals help communicate the effect our client’s leading expertise has on improving the lives of patients.

healthcare marketing collateral

The effectiveness of the design lies in its simplicity – content is easily digestible, and a handy pocket provides ease of use for sales teams to distribute leave-behind marketing collateralhealthcare marketing collateralhealthcare marketing collateral


Product brochure design

product brochure design

To help our client present their new product we created a brochure design that encourages audiences to look closer.



Brochure design and translation

Brochure design and translation

We helped DAI rise above competitors at Intermodal Asia with a brochure design and Chinese translation that helped them communicate not only industry leadership, but also extra care and respect for their audience.



Promotional collateral

Promotional collateral

To help channel partners cross-sell Sage products to end users, we developed a full suite of promotional collateral that encouraged accountants to promote our client's cloud-based software solutions.