HTML email design

An attention-grabbing subject line, a fresh HTML email design and a focused call to action contributed to the overall success of this email campaign.


This promotional HTML email campaign was tied in with a Bank Holiday weekend, so after only receiving the client brief on a Thursday, we had to turn around ideas, design and a full build solution quickly, without compromising on quality, effectiveness and impact of the campaign.


At Parker Design we have years of experience with HTML email design concepts for marketing campaigns.

Working alongside our client, Sage, we not only helped with the graphic design concepts and build of the email, we also contributed to the initial copywriting.

An attention-grabbing subject line contributed to high open rates, whereas simple yet fresh and engaging design, combined with a clear call to action contributed to the success of this campaign.

At Parker we are happy to send email campaigns on behalf of our clients, although some prefer to send the emails themselves, as was the case with this particular campaign. We delivered a fully editable template to our client, enabling them to send the email according to their schedule.


Over the years we have created engaging and effective email campaigns for a wide variety of clients.


Email newsletter design

Email newsletter design

Our digital agency expertise delivered an attractive email marketing solution that helped improve employee communications and had a positive impact on employee engagement levels across AstraZeneca's North West England sites.



Email invitation design

Email invite design

We helped SolutionsPT attract a high number of registrations for a historic event with an engaging email invitation design.


Smart Money Loans

Email marketing campaign

digital marketing agency

As an experienced digital marketing agency, we were able to help Smart Money Loans maximise click-through rates and generate new business leads with a mobile responsive email marketing campaign.