UK Fuels

Icon and pictogram design

Icon and pictogram design

We developed a range of unique icon and pictogram design concepts that added consistency and energy to UK Fuels’ Velocity online applications


In order to add a consistent look to their Velocity product, UK Fuels asked us to develop a range of unique icon and pictogram concepts they could use within their online applications.


The look and feel for the icon and pictogram design was developed with an app visual treatment to give a comfortable and familiar experience for the end user when visiting the website. The development of clear pictograms for each of the elements was one of the key factors we considered, as they would be used in a variety of sizes in the online environment.

The icon designs have been used extensively throughout the website by UK Fuels, improving the end user journey.


HR infographic design

HR Infographic design

Employee absenteeism is costly for growing businesses. As a design agency with over 20 years' experience, we helped HRonline demonstrate the scope of the problem with a bold and playful infographic that informed HR managers and increased engagement with their sales team.



Process infographic

process infographic design

AstraZeneca asked our creative team to produce an infographic that would help them communicate the process of the path to a new medicine.


Pinpoint Digital

Graphic icons

Graphic icons

Pinpoint required a suite of graphic icons to use in their Push to Docuware website and document scanning software product to give a consistently branded look and feel that complemented the website and logo designs.