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Integrated marketing campaign

By playing with the concepts of risk and transparency, this integrated marketing campaign effectively demonstrates the importance of protecting businesses by knowing what lies beneath the surface.


Emerging markets and technological advances have significantly changed the financial landscape, increasing risk for companies in the face of new financial regulations. With a wide range of risk management solutions available to support growing businesses, Thomson Reuters wanted to raise awareness about their products and services in a way that would easily communicate the value of their offering.


Our task was to develop an integrated marketing campaign that helped B2B customers understand the potential damage that the lack of transparency could cause their business. Risk management and compliance can often be complex areas for a company to address, but by making the issue easy for customers to understand, we could position our client as a resource who could make potential financial risks easier to navigate.


Building our integrated marketing campaign around the concept of “what lies beneath”, our creative team used the visual analogy of an iceberg to communicate the idea of unseen risks in trading and business relationships. This distinctive image became central to for both the print and digital elements of the campaign.

For trade shows and industry events, we designed scratch cards which could be handed out by sales teams at trade shows and industry events. This solution made it easy to entice potential clients into the event space for a chance to win a prize, while facilitating conversations. It was also a fun and visually interesting way to reinforce the idea that our client specialises in helping uncover hidden potential risks.

Beneath the scratchable surface, attendees could uncover whether they had won a prize. For those who were not winners, we also made it possible for players to return the card to the sales team with their contact information for a second chance to win. This provided a useful opportunity data collection and encouraged additional engagement with the client’s sales team.

In addition to the scratch card, the integrated marketing campaign included event collateral that pointed visitors to a product website with useful tools and resources. Leveraging our experience in UX design, our creative and digital teams created visuals that enhanced the website homepage to improve the user experience.

As seen below, the original iceberg visual was extended to initially obscure, and then reveal, the hidden risks of navigating business challenges when visitors hovered over the screen. The page then linked users to their preferred area of risk concern, segmenting the sales leads to help tailor and support conversion.

We also produced a number of digital assets for a look book built in Oracle Eloqua, and an encapsulated microsite, giving people the option to explore the client’s Know Your Customer (KYC) initiative. Overall, the campaign was well received, both on and offline, helping to generate interest among potential customers and making our client’s key proposition easier to articulate.

Thomson Reuters

Campaign design

campaign design

As an integrated design agency, we combine creativity with digital strategy to deliver results, whether through digital or print design. With this playful and engaging campaign, our graphic design and marketing strategy teams created a pop-up to capture the imagination of financial professionals.


Thomson Reuters

Multi-channel marketing campaign

Multi-channel marketing campaign

We tapped into the complex psychology of hedge fund managers with an innovative multi-channel campaign. As a marketing agency that understands how digital stratetgy fits within an effective integrated marketing strategy, our solution helped generate an 81% uplift in monthly website traffic.


Chill Factore

Integrated advertising campaign

integrated advertising campaign

We helped Chill Factore customers experience the thrill of a winter holiday with a punchy integrated marketing strategy that delivered results. As a marketing agency that combines technology with stunning creative, we can help you develop a digital strategy to effectively target your audience.