Charity legacy report

legacy reportWith this legacy report we helped transmit the very essence of what had driven the Brightlife efforts for the previous five years – a focus on reducing loneliness amongst ageing communities.


Brightlife has been part of the National Lottery Community Fund Ageing Better Programme for the past five years. As one of 14 regional partnerships, our client has delivered and commissioned hundreds of projects and services across the region, which together have improved the lives of thousands of older people and their communities.


As the project came to an end, our brief was to produce a highly engaging legacy report design that went beyond just being a collection of stats-filled pages. The end of project report had to transmit the very essence of what had driven the Brightlife efforts for the previous five years – a focus on reducing loneliness in the local ageing communities.legacy report


We based our design on zeroing in on the people who have benefitted from Brightlife’s commitment to improving their lives, so photography played a key role in the legacy report, which is filled with case studies that tell memorable personal stories page after page.

legacy report

We included a wide range of layouts to add visual variety and keep readers engaged, whilst also guaranteeing a degree of consistency across the various design themes and layout structures that run through the legacy report – which feels uncluttered and easy to read despite the significant amount of content.

We maximised the use of text boxes, columns and other visual and layout devices to help structure information and guide readers through content.

legacy reportlegacy report

We kept stats-filled pages fresh and appealing by combining colour and infographic-based design.legacy reportlegacy report

We also produced a version of the report which visitors could download from the Brightlife website.

“Whilst we inherited the Brightlife brand at the start of the project, it was Parker who took it to the next level – really breathing life into the brand through eye-catching, engaging and impactful campaign artwork.

Thank you for the compassion you showed in tuning into our audience’s needs and for taking the time to really understand the issues people faced when experiencing loneliness and social isolation. I think that time of discussion, consultation, contemplation and reflection at the outset really paid off for all of us.  

Making age irrelevant from the get-go and focusing on messages of connectedness and the joy to be had in the company of others really resonated with our audience and helped us establish a strong, recognised and trusted brand from the first ‘Just Say Hello’ campaign right through to our End of Project Report. It has been an absolute pleasure working with such a creative, talented and professional team.”


Company annual report

Company annual report

This clean and contemporary company annual report design relies on a highly visual approach to transmit a message of quality and professionalism.


N8 Research Partnership

Economic report design

economic report design

Our print design team created an economic report design that effectively communicates the value and impact that research and innovation have in regional development.



Impact report design

Impact report design

After working with the charity to refresh their brand, we produced an impact report design that outlines how their programmes are making a real difference in the communities they support.