UK Fuels

Mailshot design

We produced a bright and dynamic design that presents our client as a positive and proactive company.

In order to raise awareness of its new range of products, designed to give customers the most competitive bunkering rates, UK Fuels asked Parker Design to create a mailshot design. The piece was posted out to current customers, with a pre-paid envelope and application form to reduce the time and effort required for those interested to apply.

The mailshot design features the brand colours of orange and blue, and a gloss lamination gives the piece a high quality finish. Full colour images and block colours give the mailshot design a dynamic feel, and denote a positive and proactive company. In the digital age well-designed and produced printed direct mail can have a very impactful effect, and can sometimes encourage a stronger call to action than e-marketing.


Web key direct mail

Web key direct mail

To maximise exposure and generate high response rates, we developed a distinctive and engaging web key direct mail campaign that perfectly transmits our client's passion for doing things differently.



Direct marketing template

Direct Marketing template

Sage approached Parker Design to create a direct marketing template for the SageOne campaign. This innovative print design piece succeeded at helping Sage form partnerships with accountancy practices who had recommended SageOne to their clients as their preferred accounting tool.


Grand Tourist

Travel direct mail

travel direct mail

An innovative and clever marketing idea, this travel direct mail piece is a unique way of advertising the luxury and exclusive holiday experiences our client is renowned for.