Microsite design & development

Microsite design & development

We were briefed to design and build an enquiry form for the UK Fuels and Shell fuel card with the aim of encouraging take-up and guarantee the success of the initiative and return on investment.

As this microsite design & development project was primarily a web form – something that most users may usually find uninspiring – our digital team knew that the form’s design and functionality needed to be as engaging and smooth as possible.

Instead of presenting the user with the form from the start, our team decided to only reveal the form once the user had clicked on the Enquire call to action. jQuery was used to reveal the form with an animated slide, and it was also used to submit the form via AJAX. This meant that feedback confirmation could be shown to the user immediately, instead of them needing to wait for a clunky page reload.

Our Digital team have been delivering effective and engaging solutions for our clients for years.

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The background of the form maximised the use of a full-scale image that stretches to fill the browser window, completing the one-page microsite design & development.


Responsive web design

responsive web design

The Allmed family only came together a few years ago, but their heritage goes back over 30 years. Our client needed a digital agency that would help them create a new web design to communicate their mission to do things better, together.



Private social network

private social network

Parker's digital agency capabilities provided a cost-effective digital marketing solution that encouraged engaging content creation. The private social network our web development team created boosted employee engagement overall and was a hit at a national sales event.



B2B website development

B2B website development

Dealoil, a young company wanting to break into the energy market, were on the lookout for a digital agency they could rely on. Our web design and web development teams helped them transmit a message of confidence and inspiring trust.