Microsite design & development

Parker Design Consultant’s experience with working with the fuel industry was called upon when we were briefed to design and build a fuel card enquiry form for UK Fuels and Shell in the form of a microsite design & development project.

As this was primarily a web form – something that most users normally find dull – we knew the design and functionality needed to be as smooth as possible.

Rather than present the user with the form from the start, we decided to only reveal the form once the user had clicked the Enquire call to action. jQuery was used to reveal the form with an animated slide and also to submit the form via AJAX. This means that feedback confirmation could be shown to the user immediately instead of them needing to wait for a clunky page reload.

The background makes use of a full-scale image that stretches to fill the browser window, completing the one-page microsite design & development.