Hey Little Magpie

Online brand strategy

An online brand strategy that re-launched our client’s identity and helped them establish a profitable online presence.


Working closely with the client to establish a detailed brief, we discovered that the company already had an established reputation for greeting card design under its former name – Sarah’s Cards Limited. Over 10 the past years, the business had grown beyond selling these boutique cards into more profitable artisan papers and craft products – a market with increased revenue potential.

Market research also revealed a discrepancy between the company’s name and its online product offering, creating a disconnect that left online customers confused. Not only did this issue reduce the effectiveness of any marketing efforts, it limited opportunities for retail growth.


Since the existing name and logo were no longer a fit for the company’s position and product offering, it was necessary to wipe the slate clean and develop an entirely new online brand strategy.

Parker Design evaluated major competitors of Sarah’s Cards Limited, as well as extensively researching the consumer crafting market and its key audiences. Based on this information, our creative team brainstormed a targeted list of relevant potential name options for the client’s review.

Spoiled for choice, the owners ultimately settled on ‘Hey Little Magpie’ – a unique name that highlighted the future brand’s playful product range and eclectic personality.

Once a name was selected, we developed a series of logos and helped the client decide on one that would generate a visual connection between the company’s new brand and its target consumers. Our ultimate goal was to effectively re-launch “Hey Little Magpie” and make it a formidable online player in the crafting market. Our strategy focused on building the company’s online presence, as well as supporting its ecommerce platform.


Our digital team developed a range of assets to help the company launch its new identity online and get its products into the hands of crafters and scrapbookers.

We developed a bespoke web design, with a Magento ecommerce platform, which – in addition to its useful content management features and powerful SEO tools – easily integrated with both payment gateways and Google Analytics. This flexible solution effectively showcased the brand and allowed Hey Little Magpie to update product details, manage stock levels and process orders from any device or location.

The digital team also created a suite of email marketing tools to help the client bring more products to its target audience. Using the elements highlighted in the new logo and bespoke web design, we designed an attractive template, giving the client an easy-to-use email marketing option that could be adapted to directly reach new and existing customers.

With a new online brand strategy that incorporates its new brand identity, email marketing and bespoke web design, Hey Little Magpie is poised to continue its rapid growth and capitalise on wider opportunities in the global ecommerce market.


Branding strategy and development

Branding strategy

BrightHR needed to reinvent themselves, and as a branding agency known for their stunning design portfolio, always coupled with marketing strategy effectiveness, we delivered a distinctive identity that changed how they were perceived in the HR industry.


Thomson Reuters

Customer retention marketing

Customer retention marketing

1704% increase in views; 7 million impressions from email and social media; 100% click-through rate – We supported our client in devising a customer retention marketing campaign that created real difference, putting customers first ahead of product, and helping improve customer retention rates.


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Web design and keyword strategy

Web design and keyword strategy

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