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Pharma exhibition stand

Pharma exhibition stand

A pharma exhibition stand that helped LEO Pharma successfully showcase four areas of expertise despite very strict local regulations.


The European Academy of Dermatology & Venereology (EADV) celebrates its annual congress to showcase the best of clinical expertise. The forum offers a great learning experience for dermatologists and venereologists from all corners of the world, as they immerse themselves in the latest science, innovations and research findings.

Exhibiting at the 28th EADV Congress in Madrid would give LEO Pharma the opportunity to highlight the importance of data, as they continue to pioneer medical dermatology treatments to improve the quality of life for patients affected by psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions.


Adhering to the strict industry regulations around promotion of pharmaceuticals in Spain, our brief was to help LEO Pharma showcase four areas of expertise. Split into three plots which our client had already booked, LEO’s presence at EADV would be distributed as follows:

  • Space to promote Kyntheum®, one of LEO’s latest developments in the fight against severe psoriasis: 12m x 8m plot
  • A second smaller plot to promote Enstilar®, a medication to treat plaque psoriasis with existing market presence, and other established products: 8m x 5m plot
  • A non-promotional area shared between two teams, R&D (Research & Development) and AD (Atopic Dermatitis): 12m x 7.5m plot

Non-promotional unbranded areas would need to be distinctly different to promotional branded areas to guarantee compliance with regulations, but there would still need to be a certain degree of visual consistency amongst all three plots to communicate that all areas fall under the ‘One LEO’ theme.

An essential part of this project was also the detailed pre-planning required before reaching the stand design stage, taking four different budgets into account, and liaising with as many teams to ensure their specific priorities were considered.


A key point from a design perspective was to add structure to each individual plot and to the LEO area as a whole, taking into account the aisles between each plot.

Introducing curved shapes in every stand to mirror each other acted as a way to add visual cohesion to the three separate stands. The curves also add a unique look and feel that is welcoming and helps with visitor flow, encouraging delegates to make a mental association and acting as a subtle invitation to visit the neighbouring LEO stands.

Pharma exhibition stand

Kyntheum® plot:

Having been allocated the biggest of the three plots, the Kyntheum® brand had the largest budget to fully promote the already licensed product. We maximised this budget by combining ground-breaking technology with an imposing stand design, which turned the space into a memorable and unique experience.

Pharma exhibition standPharma exhibition stand

The Kyntheum® plot boasted crowd-attracting features such as an interactive screen in the shape of a futuristic see-through sphere (PufferSphere®), a 65-inch 3D screen that didn’t require the use of 3D glasses, as well as other interactive screens.

We built a circular unit for the sphere, and surrounded it with a concentric circles pattern on the floor that creates a halo effect and adds movement. Illuminating the bottom section further contributed to the unit becoming a focal point within the stand, acting as a podium to showcase the benefits brought by Kyntheum®. We also built this feature with practicality in mind, as the circular unit allowed us to conceal cabling and integrate cooling and ventilation for the computer driving the PufferSphere®.Pharma exhibition stand

With this being the largest plot, the stand also features the largest suspended banner, which attracts attention from afar, standing at a height of 5 metres, the maximum allowed by the organisers.

Pharma exhibition stand

Towards the back of the Kyntheum® plot we included a coffee bar area to allow delegates to take some time out and engage in informal conversations. We also ensured the coffee bar was visible from the Enstilar® and R&D areas to attract attention and encourage flow of delegate traffic between the different LEO stands.

The area also includes a custom-built bench. Designed in the Kyntheum® brand colours and with an integrated USB charging station, its circular shape transmits the idea of comfort and echoes the circular theme, whilst affording visitors the perfect vantage point to look out across all other areas of the stand.

The blonde wood panelling behind screens which promote the latest campaigns ties in with the Scandinavian flavour of the stand as a whole.

With so much technology a key part of the Kyntheum® plot, we ensured all AV was local to the screens, fully concealed but easily accessible via a series of discreet doors we built into the walls, keeping the area tidy and minimising any delay or disruption caused by potential technical issues.

The stand also included a storage area behind the coffee bar, where LEO staff could keep coffee supplies, make use of a fridge and keep their belongings.

Enstilar® plot:

Another branded area, the Enstilar® plot also focuses on product promotion, but shares its smaller floor area with other long-established products to keep the main focus on Kyntheum®, as it’s a newer addition to the LEO Pharma product portfolio.

To comply with the strict local regulations, we ensured this promotional area wasn’t visible from the non promotional AD area.

We gave presence to this smaller plot by including another branded banner, also suspended 5 metres above the floor, and a large 3D model of the product that also commands delegates’ attention, and which we also worked into the wall graphics to maximise awareness.

The Enstilar® space also comes to life with two interactive screens and two seating areas that act as a magnet, inviting delegates in for productive yet relaxed networking sessions.

R&D section:

With less than 50% of the 12m x 7.5m plot it also shared with the Atopic Dermatitis (AD) team, the Research & Development space is dedicated to highlighting the latest innovations in the treatment of skin conditions.

Without a large area available, structure and visual features were key to maximise the delegate journey: three distinct learning stations, halo lighting and clean and simple Scandinavian-inspired design turn the space into a highly attractive proposition despite the bigger presence offered by the Kyntheum® and Enstilar® stands. A curve on the floor area near the stations helps create a flow, subliminally encouraging delegates to follow the route and interact with them all.

To divide the plot between the R&D and AD teams, we built an S-shape wall that acts as a solid physical barrier between the two areas, as well as preventing visitors on the non-promotional AD area from seeing any of the promoted brands on the other side, a rule we had to follow to guarantee compliance.

R&D also includes another hand-made circular bench, this time with a column / back rest branded in LEO’s corporate orange that houses another USB charging station.

Pharma exhibition stand

A standalone touch screen unit informs delegates of LEO’s pipeline for next year, while a wheelchair ramp to access the 40 mm raised flooring adheres to the local regulations.

AD section:

Behind the R&D area is the AD section, dedicated to Atopic Dermatitis. Totally separate from the promotional branded areas, a giant 4m x 3m seamless screen and a lightbox highlight the condition and the steps LEO Pharma have been taking to combat it, before they’re ready to launch to market.

Taking into account the relative distance between a delegate’s eye and the giant seamless screen, and visitors able to stand at such a close distance, our technical team commissioned the highest definition screen available to avoid pixelation and loss of definition.

A central plinth with interactive buttons drives content on the giant screen, attracting visitors eager to make their own contributions. The area also features a store room and a counter for give-aways.

Double-sided interactive touch screens tell the story of ‘the science behind it’.

Conscious of this area being physically isolated from the others, we stepped the end of the AD wall in from the edge of the stand slightly so visitors could see that the AD area linked through to the rest of the LEO stand.

A medical information area is screened off, again to comply with strict regulations, but we added a semi-opaque vinyl wall so that it felt inviting despite its privacy, not claustrophobic.

As part of this project, we also designed and built 4 meeting rooms, located away from the main exhibition hall to give KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) the opportunity to focus and discuss topics at length. With a simple design and welcoming atmosphere, on-brand wall graphics and furniture ensured visual consistency with the stand.

Pharma exhibition stand Pharma exhibition stand

LEO Pharma

Pharmaceutical exhibition stand

A pharmaceutical exhibition stand project not without its challenges, we delivered a fully industry-compliant design and build that successfully showcased two licensed drugs, the science behind one in development, and engaged delegates with interactive content and AR.


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Custom exhibition stand design

custom exhibition stand design

Their first time hosting this event, our client wanted to maximise their prime position in the hall, and be able to easily alter the design for future use. We produced a stand that radiates a sense of welcome and collaboration, and helped our client thread their story over time.



Exhibition stand design and build

Exhibition stand design and build

Definitely one for our design portfolio. With years as an experiential agency behind us, our exhibition design successfully combined the allure of technology, the warmth of natural materials and the excitement of "Pic n' Mix" to draw visitors to the stand and present Sage as true innovators.