Promotional collateral

Promotional collateral

To help channel partners cross-sell Sage products to end users, we developed a full suite of promotional collateral that encouraged accountants to promote our client’s cloud-based software solutions.


Sage One was conceived by our client to empower the UK’s small businesses. Sage One is an online, cloud-based, accounting solution that provides everything needed to take care of business. It frees companies from the burdens of heavy admin thanks to user-friendly features that help lighten the workload and lets teams work with real-time data, wherever they are.


Sage asked to design a suite of promotional collateral that would encourage accountants to promote the cloud-based solution to end users.


To help accountants market directly to their customers, we designed a range of brochures, posters and POS materials that make an impact straight away. The clean and uncluttered design exudes personality thanks to clever use of Sage’s brand colours, playful icons, and enticing headlines that help sum up product benefits.

An attractive box houses materials and creates intrigue, providing a useful kit that could be easily handed out by Sage to engage prospective customers and drive sales.Promotional collateral

We also delivered an augmented reality app with targeted content to strategically reinforce key product messages.Promotional collateral


Sales collateral design

Thanks to a combination of powerful photography and clean and contemporary design we brought Borregaard's sales collateral up to date, helping them increase brand awareness at a major industry exhibition.


H&T Presspart

Sales collateral

sales collateral

We contributed to our client's success at a major industry conference with an engaging and effective sales collateral design that focuses on the simplicity of H&T Presspart's new product.


Thomson Reuters

Integrated marketing campaign

integrated marketing campaign

Parker Design is a marketing agency that knows how digital strategy can amplify key messages. To help Thomson Reuters communicate the importance of exposing risk, we devised an integrated marketing strategy that brings the benefits of transparency in a changing regulatory climate to the surface.