Social awareness campaign

social awareness campaign

A positive and forward-looking social awareness campaign helped Brightlife raise awareness of their initiative and the issues their audience faces every day.


Brightlife works to reduce loneliness throughout ageing communities in Cheshire West and Cheshire. The charity supports innovative activities, engaging projects and networks with the aim of contributing to a richer and happier life experience for elderly people in the area. £5m of funding from the Big Lottery’s Ageing Better Programme helped get the project off the ground.


Our client came to us to help them raise awareness of their organisation and the growing problem of social isolation.


We devised a positive and forward-looking social awareness campaign with the target audience at the heart. Our social awareness campaign helps highlight some of the issues that ageing people, their family and carers, face every day.

The social awareness campaign we devised engages with the audience in a human way, and quickly informs of really how simple it is to have a positive impact on those who suffer from isolation within the community.

It also helps increase visibility of an issue that often goes unnoticed, bringing it to the surface by showing how big the problem is, and how easy it is to help solve it.

We achieved this by focusing on the solution and what effect frequent human interaction has on those who are affected.

We created a connection between the volunteers and what difference they can make straight away to the Brightlife community: strong, confident and characterful images of ageing individuals show them in a positive light.

These are bright, energetic and uniquely interesting people who have a lot to offer those who help them come out of loneliness. The headlines focus on snippets of interesting conversation and stories, and further contribute to building understanding, empathy and viewer engagement.


Healthy ageing campaign

healthy ageing campaign

Warrington Primary Care Trust asked us to produce the Healthy ageing campaign materials, which were used to increase awareness in the area of the help available to the ageing population.



Charity marketing strategy

Charity marketing strategy

An uplifting not-for-profit marketing and advertising strategy to help reduce loneliness among adults over 50.


Chill Factore

Integrated advertising campaign

integrated advertising campaign

We helped Chill Factore customers experience the thrill of a winter holiday with a punchy integrated marketing strategy that delivered results. As a marketing agency that combines technology with stunning creative, we can help you develop a digital strategy to effectively target your audience.