Elite P3

Sports website design

This high-energy sports website design helped launch a high-performance product to market.


Elite P3 asked us to produce a sports website design to help bring an innovative product to market. Specialising in custom sports mouth pieces, the client wanted to highlight how its latest development increases athletic performance by altering jaw alignment. Developed at Edinburgh University, the product results in significant improvement in strength, power, endurance and recovery.


Focused on a savvy target audience of elite professional athletes and amateur fitness enthusiasts, and a product designed for use in a wide range of training environments, we had to ensure the website created standout in an industry filled with regular developments in performance technology.


Through a combination of energetic imagery showing sportspeople engaged in intense physical activity, and design elements that reference the product’s USP – jaw alignment – we created an attractive and contemporary-looking website for what is a pretty unusual product.

The design was inspired by the intensity and vitality of sports performance to connect with the enthusiasm of the target audience. As the product is aimed at both professional and non-professional athletes in a wide range of sports, we chose a gym setting to generate broad appeal.

Our designers overlaid a grid element on the images to convey the idea of realignment offered by the product. We further used this creative device to reinforce the benefits by splitting the logo across the middle, realigning it through the use of JavaScript scroll events. The sports website design uses parallax scrolling one page functionality; both web development features give movement to the website and offer an element of interactivity. The use of CSS3 language helped us achieve the slanted effect throughout the website.Sports website design

The website was designed and developed to be fully responsive. However, we chose to not incorporate the scroll events or parallax scrolling in mobile devices, as our rigorous testing revealed that the resulting experience was sluggish when using mobile data and connection to non Wi-Fi networks was slow. Disabling these features for mobile devices guaranteed a speedy experience for all users, both from a website load and usage perspective.

As well as the sports website design, we also developed the Elite P3 brand around the product’s USP and a suite of marketing collateral.

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