Driftwood Activewear

Retail e-commerce website

retail e-commerce website

Specialising in clothing for water, indoor and outdoor sports, Driftwood Activewear asked us to develop a retail e-commerce website that would allow it to expand into the growing sportswear and fitness apparel market.


The increased focus on healthy living has heightened demand for sportswear and fitness apparel. Specialising in clothing for water, indoor and outdoor sports, the company needed a high-quality e-commerce website to showcase its product range from leading brands such as Nike, Adidas, Spalding and Regatta.


Keen to establish an online presence, Driftwood Activewear asked us to develop a retail e-commerce website that would allow it to expand into this growing market.


Targeting online consumers who wanted name-brand products at a good price, we worked closely with Driftwood’s product manager to create an easy-to-navigate website that appealed to both men and women. Closely mirroring the energy of the brand, the clean design helped highlight the quality and affordability of products in each category.

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Knowing that the technical specifications of garments were important to sportswear consumers, our developers built a solution to complement the online behaviour of this market. In addition to simplifying the checkout processes, we made it easy for online shoppers to compare products by both price and product specification – helping them receive the best value for money.

We built the e-commerce platform on the Magento framework to give our client increased control over their website content, as well as the ability to scale up their online retail presence over time. Behind the scenes, we used Linnworks to integrate between Magento and Driftwood’s internal stock management systems and processes. This allowed the retail e-commerce website to automatically update with the latest inventory data from its warehouse.

This clean, attractive e-commerce solution provided Driftwood with an effective way to showcase its products and reach lifestyle-conscious consumers. Since the number of internal staff available to manage the website was expected to be small, we created a website that could effectively look after itself. The Magento platform made it easy for staff members to manage the online store and accurately display available product for online shoppers.


Ecommerce web design

Ecommerce web design

With this ecommerce web design project, we not only delivered a sales-focused and cost-effective solution for LIMB-art, we also helped our client encourage their audience to embrace and be proud of their individuality.



Ecommerce website

ecommerce website

We helped AGD convert online visitors into customers thanks to a robust and user-friendly ecommerce website which also presents them as pioneers and innovators in their field.


H&T Presspart

Multi-lingual CMS and web design

Multi-lingual CMS and web design

We created a clean and contemporary multi-lingual CMS and web design that presents H&T Presspart as an authority in their field at the cutting edge of innovation.