Website banners

Web banners

In addition to an extensive print advertising campaign for gelatine manufacturer Rousselot, the company also required a range of digital marketing tools in the form of a suite of website banners.

There are many advantages to using website banners, such as the ability to update and change information quickly and easily. There is also the benefit of having an advert seen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all over the world, so the potential audience is considerably larger.

Website banners can be used as part of a digital marketing campaign, an overall promotional campaign or as individual brand awareness pieces. With a much lower relative cost than print advertising, and the ability to drive a very fast response from the target audience, website banners have become increasingly popular.

Often website banners have file size restrictions in order to limit the page loading time, so the use of graphics and transitions can be limited. Our designers are experts in getting the most out of the space available. The Rousselot website banners featured key information branded to the company’s guidelines, and included information about future trade shows and exhibition stands.


Banner ad design

Banner ad design

With our digital agency expertise, we created a set of beautiful and persuasive digital banner ad designs that compelled Exodus' audience to click through and explore 'where they'd rather be'.



Digital marketing campaign

digital marketing campaign

We capitalised on the idea of 'discovering opportunity' with a digital marketing campaign designed to drive sales leads with tested and targeted content. As an innovative digital agency, we understand how to use integrated marketing to increase product interest.