Internal Comms and Remote Working – May your workforce be with you!

In the last few years, remote working has been steadily gaining popularity across a wide range of business sectors and company sizes. But in the last few weeks and due to the Coronavirus pandemic, what may have been for many employees a lifestyle choice, a company benefit, or simply a way of carrying out their role, has changed into a Government directive in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus.

For many employees, the sense of belonging that working next to colleagues gives – whether in an office, a lab, a factory – is now missing. The employee experience has totally and abruptly changed – life has changed – so it’s time to reach out to your teams in ways that appeal to their emotions, and will foster a sense of community and togetherness despite the physical distance and the general uncertainty.

It’s a time to inspire, reassure and guide

So how do you inspire high levels of employee engagement and maximise your internal communications and remote working practices in such challenging times for everybody? The answer is simple: make sure you choose the right internal communications channel at a time when it may feel like we’re all on different planets, and when emotions are heightened in the face of something no one has ever experienced before.

Just think: will another email or video conference have the desired impact, will it generate the right reaction? Employees in these unprecedented times need to feel reassured, guided by their leaders through this uncharted territory, and it needs to be done in a way that shows you care about them, you’re doing all you can to add some light and energy, and above all, that you’re human. And that’s where motions graphics come in as a key element in your internal communications and remote working strategy.

Internal communications and remote working

Your organisation may have gone from having 5,000 employees distributed across 5 locations, to 5,000 employees in 5,000 locations, so reaching every single member of your team in the most meaningful way is now more important than ever. Easily shareable amongst your workforce, regardless of number of employees or location where they’re based, motion graphics capture imaginations like few other internal communications channels can. Highly visual, animations are filled with energy and movement, sound and colour, in one word: positivity.

And the combination of all those elements will help you embed your message in the minds of your employees more effectively than other channels – did you know that motion graphics are 135% more engaging than other digital media?

So, may your workforce be with you, and your enterprise live long and prosper.