Architecture brochure

We designed a stunning architecture brochure that reflects the care, creativity and passion our client uses within its own design approach.


MGN is a unique company as it combines both interior design and architecture to create a coherent and focused design approach to property renovation and improvement.


Having created a brand identity for the business we were asked to put together a stunning architecture brochure which reflected the care, creativity and passion the company uses within its own design approach.


The architecture brochure was produced to illustrate the working methods and design services that MGN offer. Using case studies, the brochure tells a story of concept to finished article, and indicates the ability to successfully implement a complex client brief. The case studies also act as a testimony to the company’s success.

In order to provide the space to make an impact with large colour photos, we chose an oversized A4 landscape layout for the architecture brochure with a half Canadian binding. This allowed us ample room to place key design elements, reflecting the process undertaken by MGN when creating their room designs.

The cover design is sophisticated and understated, using a blended brown of various tones as a background to the block-foiled logo, which shimmers with a bronze effect.

The contrast of the hand-drawn style lettering throughout the document with the sleek contemporary typeface used for the body copy represents the creative and scientific approach which go hand in hand through MGN’s design and implementation processes.

Royal Pacific Group

Property brochure design

Property brochure design

A property brochure design that conveys the idea of exclusivity and craftsmanship, immediately creating a connection with investors.


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Residential property brochure

Property brochure design

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Property brochure

Property brochure design

Mount Crescent in Whitchurch – a beautiful market town in northern Shropshire – required a truly unique property brochure design. The brochure suitably reflects the distinctive qualities of the development, and captures the imagination of potential buyers.