Roberts Bakery

Brochure and food photography

brochure and food photography

With a delicious range of products and such an iconic building, inspiration for Roberts Bakery’s brochure and food photography came easily.


Anyone who’s waited at the traffic lights outside Roberts Bakery’s twin cooling towers will understand why it’s one of the few sets of lights which you hope will be on red as you approach – giving you the chance to breathe in the heady smell of freshly baked bread, and watch thousands of loaves winding their way round the cooling tower carousels.


Our client’s brief was to help with the design of their new brochure and also produce the food photography that would be included within.


We decided that the bakery’s cooling towers would make the perfect front cover. Capturing the cover shot required careful coordination and precision timing between photographer and art director (on the opposite side of the dual carriageway) and Roberts staff inside the towers.

To ensure we captured a nice sharp photo of the loaves, we needed to stop the carousel from turning for the full length of the six second exposure. If the carousel was turned off for any longer than 10 seconds, the entire batch of bread would be ruined. Waiting until we’d got a gap in the passing traffic to give us a nice clear shot, we called the technician inside the towers to hit the switch. Two further shots were taken, one of the dramatic dusk sky and one of the blurred head and tail lights from passing traffic, before finally editing all together in Photoshop to give the arresting brochure cover image.

We then turned our attention to the food photography.

The brochure design had an innovative double cover, opening out to reveal an expansive centre spread. We used this spread to feature a large photo showcasing a wide variety of Roberts product range. To add to this we designed an extensive suite of insert sheets, each one featuring a specific product. Working with a specialist food photographer, we created the beautiful mouth-watering shots, in each case creating a small scene in which to feature the product elevating the shots from a straightforward product shot and giving them more of a lifestyle feel.

The resulting brochure and food photography perfectly captured the essence of Roberts Bakery and their mouth-watering products

“Parker Design have helped us to update and harmonise our brand image through the redesign of our packaging and promotional items.

They listened carefully to our design brief and, taking account of both our sales and production requirements, produced innovative, creative, and feasible ideas.”

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