Earle's Sandwich Company

Food branding design

We helped Earle’s Sandwich Company diversify and open up their business to a wider market with a food branding solution that appeals to consumers from all walks of life.


With the food industry and consumer tastes and expectations constantly evolving, our client felt it was time to rethink their business model.


Earle’s Sandwich Company was looking to diversify and open up their business to a wider market, so they approached us for help with in a bid to move into the franchise marketplace.


We set about producing a range of brand names and concepts for a variety of brand designs. Contemporary and classic, playful or professional, we delivered a set of logos and associated brand assets that immediately communicate the concepts of freshness, quality and customer service you can rely on.

Food brand design

Overall we kept the use of colour to a minimum, with the main goal being to provide a complete end-to-end solution for use on a wide range of formats, including packaging.

food brand designfood brand design

From livery and uniforms to sandwich bags, we delivered a diverse range of food branding concepts to appeal to consumers from all walks of life.food brand design

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