Logo Design

Before you can introduce yourself, your audiences need to know who you are and what you stand for. And beautiful and effective logo design will help you do that, and more.

We can help you create a standout brand with distinctive and effective logo design and development. At Parker we embark on a detailed discovery process to understand your market, your competition and what factors we can bring into play to make your logo design truly unique and memorable.

From there, your design team will explore colour ways, typefaces, icons, and different graphic styles to create a range of stunning logo concepts for your review.

After a detailed discussion with your creative team, we finalise your logo in a variety of formats, making it suitable for print and digital use.

To extend the range of your brand identity, we can also guide you with name generation, strapline development to reinforce your positioning, or establishing a brand architecture for the release of products and services under a parent brand.

Our clients trust us to provide winning logo designs that make their business instantly recognisable, reinforcing the credibility of their brand across multiple channels and media.