H&T Presspart

Branding design

Branding design

We launched H&T Presspart’s innovative capsule-based dry powder inhaler with a branding design that effectively positioned it for developing pharmaceutical markets.


As one of the leading global manufacturers of metered-dose inhalers and respiratory drug delivery components, H&T Presspart had the opportunity to launch a dry powder inhaler that would serve the needs of asthma/COPD patients, particularly in developing markets. Working with Hovione Technology to improve their existing device, H&T Presspart wanted to launch its enhanced dry powder inhaler, PowdAir Plus, at a key pharmaceutical conference.


To drive demand for the product, we needed to create an easily identifiable brand design that would stick in the minds of pharmaceutical companies. As simplicity was a key aspect of the product’s USP, it would need to be a significant aspect of our branding design.


With the name already decided, we led a brand workshop with the client to establish their needs and marketing objectives.

Previously, we had the opportunity to design a new brand identity for the company’s eMDI device. Our goal was to ensure the distinctiveness of each brand, while making them appear as part of the same family of products. Thus, the design team started with the same font family and worked within the same blue and grey colour palette.Branding design

A key feature of the PowdAir Plus inhaler was that it was simple to manufacture, consisting of only four plastic parts. This made the product attractive for use in emerging markets where there is an increasing need for respiratory medicines, but inhalers with more complex mechanisms would easily break or become cost-prohibitive.

Using simple typography to anchor the product name, we simplified its unique shape to create a supporting icon. This allowed us to make the brand more memorable increasing name recognition and encouraging audiences to mentally associate it with a visual of the product.


  • Although simplified, the icon makes it easy to get a sense of how the device works and accurately identifies where the medicine is situated within the inhaler.
  • Effective use of colour in the design aids in pronunciation of product name.
  • The branding design was the first stage of a wider launch campaign, which featured a detailed product video, brand collateral, a 3D sales demo and exhibition materials.

Branding design

Robert Andrew

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