Health campaign brand

Health Campaign BrandWe developed this health campaign brand to increase awareness of the help available to the elderly, and those caring for the elderly, in the Warrington area.


This campaign was part of the overarching NHS initiative to help those aged 70 or over find ways to improve their general health and fitness. 


Following on from the success of the breastfeeding awareness campaign earlier in the year, this time Warrington Primary Care Trust asked us to look at producing a campaign brand design that would be used across a range of awareness materials in the upcoming months. The Trust were keen to create a brand which was colourful, upbeat, clear and striking to create maximum impact amongst the target audience.


By using a heavy and highly legible font, teamed with the hint of a smiley face, we developed a unique logo mark which had a confident and at the same time supportive and reassuring feel to it.

In addition to the central logo, the Trust asked us to design a suite of icons which could be used to represent the 11 main areas of concern.healthy ageing campaign health campaign branding suitehealthy ageing campaign

Upbeat, simple and clear, the colour palette and style of these icons give the overall health campaign brand a very positive and energising feel.


Brand strategy and design

Brand strategy

As a branding agency that specialises in employee communications, employee engagement solutions and marketing strategy, we were asked to change perceptions of our client's IT department and to increase awareness amongst employees of the support services offered by the team.



Brand development

Brand development

"The overall feeling was one of excitement that left people talking about the Light concept. There was a very positive response from everyone on their new dynamic and unique new brand development"



Social awareness campaign

social awareness campaign

Work with a marketing agency that can deliver positive social action in a fun and impactful way. By focusing on people and their stories, we devised a marketing strategy for Brightlife that helped them fight social isolation among adults over 50.