Product package design

Product package design

We created a unique and distinctive product package design that guaranteed high visibility on the shelf.


The product package design concepts for these gluten-free pizza bases needed to attract the attention of busy supermarket shoppers, highlighting the product’s nutritional benefits.


With 80% of food buying decisions made at the point of purchase, we used bright, seductive food photography for maximum buyer appeal.Product package design

To maximise this, and differentiate the brand from its competitors, we gave the product package design a unique and distinctive colour scheme. The rich blue and yellow featured on the design ensures the packaging is seen, and the placement of the product’s unique selling points are purposefully in an obvious and eye-catching position.

The reverse of the packaging design includes regulatory nutritional and ingredient information, as well as cooking and serving suggestions.


Food packaging design

packaging design

Tru needed the help of a design agency to promote their new snack bar. With clever graphic design ideas we made the product jump off the shelf.


Ale on a Bale

Franchise brand development

brand development

At Parker Design we love a challenge. When Ale on a Bale brought us a vintage horsebox, we helped them turn it into a stunning mobile bar thanks to our experiential and brand design expertise that proves 'good times are brewing!'


Roberts Bakery

Food labels design

Food labels design

With the launch of their new range of muffins imminent, Roberts Bakery asked us to produce the graphic design for its product labels to attract the attention of busy shoppers.